Cisco CCNP/ BCMSN Analysis Tutorial: Configuring PortFast And BPDU Guard

In your CCNA scientific tests, you discovered PortFast and the hassle it can induce if configured on the incorrect port! Perfect just for swap ports connected quickly to a one host, PortFast enables a port operating STP to go straight from blocking to forwarding manner.

A Cisco router will give you a warning when you established up PortFast:

SW1( config) #int fast /five

SW1( config-if) #spanning- tree portfast

% Warning: portfast should to only be authorized on ports related to asingle host. Connecting facilities, concentrators, switches, bridges, and lots of some others.

courier services has been recognized up on FastEthernet0/five but will just

have outcome when the consumer interface is in a non-trunking technique.

SW1( config-if) #.

Not only will the modify warn you about the good usage of PortFast, but you need to have to have to location the port into receive process forward of PortFast will pick end result.

Now, you 'd come to feel that would suffice of a warning, suited? But there is an possibility - only a likelihood - that any individual is very likely to take treatment of to link a swap to a port functioning Portfast. That could quite possibly guideline to two substantial troubles, the originally at the moment becoming the enhancement of a reworking loop. Hold in intellect, the rationale we have listening and locating modes is to assist stay clear of transforming loops. The long run challenge is that there could be a new root bridge picked - and it may perhaps possibly be a swap that is just not seriously even in your network!

BPDU Guard secures towards this dreadful likelihood. If any BPDU can be uncovered in on a port which is functioning BPDU Guard, the port will be shut down and set into miscalculation disabled point out, proven to on the swap as err-disabled. A port positioned in err-disabled position out ought to actually be reopened manually.

BPDU Guard is off on all ports by default, and is designed it possible for as disclosed right here:.

SW1( config) #int immediately /five.

SW1( config-if) #spanning- tree bpduguard make it possible for.

It actually is a outstanding thought to make it doable for BPDU Guard on any port you are jogging PortFast on. There is no price tag in overhead, and it does avoid the danger of a swap sending BPDUs into a port configured with PortFast - not to stage out the risk of a modify not beneath your manage ending up remaining a root alter to your network!

% Warning: portfast requires to only be manufactured it probable for on ports connected to asingle host. Connecting facilities, concentrators, switches, bridges, and so on. There is a prospect - basically a prospect - that a person is heading to management to be part of a adjust to a port doing work Portfast. If any BPDU arrives in on a port which is working BPDU Guard, the port will be shut down and positioned into oversight disabled affliction, verified on the swap as err-disabled. A port positioned in err-disabled state should really be resumed manually.
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